Saturday, May 25, 2013

Eau de parfum

I discovered something that makes me feel all sorts of joy: A brand that sells lingerie and perfume called "Fifi Chachnil." I'm particularly interested in the perfume because of the wonderful bottles it comes in and just the fact that its a beautiful, classy, french perfume with my name on it! It makes me feel so special. I'm not sure why I've become so obsessed but I'm now determined to own this perfume, whether it smells good to me or not. I'm positive its great because I've read nothing but great reviews. Here's some collective photos of this wonderful fragrance and all its glory. God, I love it:

Description: From the name, to the juice, to the bottle. Fifi Chachnil is the quintessential '50s Pinup Girl' fragrance. Make no mistake. She's no seductress, but she is an unabashed flirt. With pink cheeks, frilly panties and an infectious giggle, Fifi is a playful girl. The perfectly portioned blend of citrus and sweet coriander is followed by the 'come-hither' notes of rose, tobacco, and what we could swear is leather and cinnamon. To avoid being risque, the coriander continues to tame the composition. The drydown is a sensual, amber-floriental that never loses its light-hearted nature. More complicated than she looks, but eager to please. Fifi Chachnil is sexy, sweet and full of moxie.

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