Thursday, April 25, 2013

It isnt what it looks like.

No, I'm not a fashion blogger all of a sudden. Not even close.

So lately I kind of love everything on the internet, even more than I already did. Seems impossible, but it isn't. I've been on polyvore way too much, I've been window shopping on urban outfitters way too much, I've been hearting way too much. I've been wasting too much time. But I'll never quit.

and it just hit me,


and I've been seeing way too many things that seem to apply to me right now. No, fifi, not just you, every 15 year old that exists. I keep telling myself I'm special... it needs to stop. Here goes:

playing the misunderstood, hates everything, too cool sort of human being. it isnt cute. it needs to stop, i tell myself.

I have plans to do more fun stuff on this blog. Not sad, misunderstood, the world hates me teenager crap. Fun fun stuff ;)