Sunday, June 17, 2012

The food I've consumed.


They say that summertime is the time to eat healthy.. for "bikini season and all," but I find myself doing the exact opposite. During the summertime I have the whole boring day to eat anything and everything I want.. and I take advantage of that. It's during the school year that I don't eat as much. I would forget to feed myself breakfast at times.. and then I feel like our breaks and lunches were extremely short. Or at least.. during lunch I was too busy doing something else to feed myself. Ha :/

All this eating junk food hasn't had too much of a difference on my body, which is nice, but I find myself going through a 6 pack of fudge bars within just two days or so. Then  a few jugs of kool-aid.. then some pizzas. Then some more pizzas.. and I can't forget that one time I caught the Ice Cream Man. He's been coming back everyday ever since. I get the occasional tweety bird head with soggy gumball eyes that are out of place. Yum. Its been a very awesome time.

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