Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ok so.
I'll be off to Mexico on the 29th.
Baja California. 
Its a beautiful place, it really is,
And its like any typical paradise beachy vacation spot.
Ive been going there since 06'
 And each time I've gone I have loved it.
But some other things are bringin me down.
People who haven't been there...
They act as if I'll never return alive. 
And I appreciate their concern,
For I know I am taking a risk each time I go,
But its become exaggerated and extremely annoying.
I'm aware that Mexico has a horrible repuation. 
What with all the drug wars, and immigration issues.
But the people in Baja are glorious human beings.
And Baja itself is gorgeous.
And I refuse to be told any different
by anymore ignorant people,
who have never been there. 
I love latinos.
Latinos are great.
They have a magnificent culture.
And to all the racist and slow-witted Americans
who have been begging me not to go. 
Im afraid its much more magnificent than yours and mine.
So shut up, If you will.
Good day.


  1. woow! i've been following you in weheartit for quite a while and now i discovered your blog :) seems awesome!

    1. thanks so much! & thanks for following.