Friday, March 1, 2013

Abondoned Blog.

About 3 months ago I thought to myself, "I have nothing to post. I have nothing to write about," so I didn't. Then later on, at a time when I felt like I needed to write and was full of ideas, I still didn't. Something has been keeping me from posting and its a feeling that I've never experienced until this year: The fear of who will see it, fear of what people from school might think if they stumbled upon this blog (which has only happened once), and its driving me a little crazy. I literally started blogging when I was 13, and a lot if not all of my posts were stupid and cliche (and maybe they still are), but it was so fun. No other 7th grader I knew had a blog, and at the time I was convinced that "no one would ever have one like mine." I feel like such a doof sharing all that, but its been way to long. I plan to post more, because I love it.

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