Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Halloween has past, and it was a great one. Despite it raining where I live, and despite the fact that I'm in high school, I did still go trick or treating. I got very little candy but I had a great time with friends. I was a greek goddess, no greek goddess in particular. I realized I forgot to choose one when several people asked me, "Oh cool, a greek goddess! Which one are you?" and I replied, "uh..erm.. I dunno.." It was a fun night.
My birthday is also coming up on the 14th. Can't wait for that. The only thing I've ever loved about my date of birth was the time... I love fall soo much. Every birthday I can ever remember has been the typical fall day.. which is a good thing. I also love the date because of the things that are reasonable for me to ask for.. like boots, scarves, & jackets. My absolute favorites things in the world. All in the fall. 

I hope you all have a wonderful fall.

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