Monday, May 28, 2012


YOLO - You only live once.

When a phrase becomes popular (and its rare that I actually like that phrase too...YOLO) why must society overuse it in unnecessary situations and make it annoying? Well I've decided I would make a few of my own catchy abbreviations... all more catchy than YOLO!

YOYO - You're on your own

YODO - You only die once.

YOPA - You only poop always.

YOGLO - You only get lice once.
YOMJWPN - You only meet Jack White probably never.

SWSEJ - Same with Sir Elton John.

YOPTM - You only procrastinate too much.

YOFIAPA - You only fall into a pothole always.

YOFN - You only fly never.

YORAYA - You only rant about YOLO always.

YOLNTIYAC - You only live nine times if you're a cat.

YOLO spelled backwards: OLOY - Only losers obey YOLO

Thank you Grace and Mitchell from the land of youtube for inspiring this post of mine.. I stole two of your abbreviations. Thanks.
 AND the cycle continues.

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